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About Us

Hoppers Paintball is located in Savannah, Georgia near Interstate 95. We are a family friendly and safe paintballing facility with over 10 years of experience. We offer various courses as well as paintball equipment for speedball, airsoft, and regular paintball.

Our Mission

​Our mission is to take paintball and airsoft to the next level by offering a great paintballing experience with friendly service, quality equipment, and vast areas of play for individuals, teams, and corporate outings. We provide a great paintball and airsoft experience by offering friendly service, high quality products, and spectacular fields of play for individuals, teams and corporate outings.

If you have a private party or group please call us to reserve a time and day. Groups or private parties of 10 or more can be booked any time during the week.


About Low Impact Paintball

​Low impact paintball uses smaller paintballs & equipment so it is easier for the player to handle & sting less when players mark each other! You will play the traditional game of paintball, but this new equipment allows younger players & those that are concerned with the impact to play! Low impact is different than Jt Splatmaster.. Although both are low impact Splatmaster uses a spring operated marker and the "Low Impact" markers use a HPA (High Pressure Air) tank to propell the balls at 200 fps (feet per second).

​One of the biggest objections of potential paintball players is that they are afraid it will hurt, so Low Impact gives us a way to introduce new players without the full impact of the standard .68 caliber paintball. It is also a great option for younger players. With the standard .68 caliber paintball players must be at least 10 years old to play. With the Low Impact .50 caliber paintball we allow players as young as 6 years old to enjoy paintball!!

​Although Low Impact is 1/3 of the impact of the standard paintball we have found that the players are typically younger and have a lower pain tolerance, so please have the kids follow the clothing recommendations. The clothing recommendations for Low Impact & Standard Impact are the same. We recommend layering up, as layers can be removed between games if you find you've worn too many.