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Safety Rules

Four (4) Golden Rules:

1. No Alcohol
2. Field Paint Only. No outside paint is allowed on Hoppers’ property.
3. Goggles on at all times on the playing field and in the chronograph range.
Airsoft players must have all soft tissue covered (ears, mouth, nose) and have approved goggles (Meet ANSI Z87 National Safety Standards).
4. Barrel sock on at all times in the staging area.

Two Strikes Policy

First violation of a golden rule results in the player being removed from at least one (1) game.
Second violation of a golden rule results in the player's ejection for the remainder of the day without a refund.

Four Ways to get Eliminated

Being hit with a paintball (that breaks on contact).
Going out of the designated field boundary.
Calling yourself “hit” or “out”, or raising your arms or marker in “surrender” at any time during the game.
Surrendering to an opposing player.
It is the responsibility of the eliminated player to place a barrel sock over their barrel upon being eliminated. It is also this player’s responsibility to remove themselves from the playing field as quickly as possible upon being eliminated, with their barrel sock visible. Eliminated players are prohibited from sharing equipment or information with active players.
Please offer your opponent the chance to surrender when a close range shot can be avoided. The offer is not mandatory, but highly encouraged. The opponent then has the option to surrender or not surrender. If the opponent surrenders (verbally or physically indicates they are eliminated), do not attempt to shoot them under any circumstances.
If the player makes an aggressive action (acts or moves in a way that indicates they are trying to shoot back), you are allowed to shoot said player.

Courtesy Rules:

Do not shoot the refs.
Do not blind fire; you must be able to see what you are shooting at.
Do not shoot at neutral or eliminated players.

Paint Check Rules:

A player is allowed to call a paint check on themselves or an opponent at any time during the game. The player can remain active (and may defend themselves throughout this process) during the paint check, unless the referee has called the player neutral. When a player is called neutral, no opposing players may advance, fire upon, or make aggressive actions towards the neutral player.

Chronograph Speed:

Only personal markers are to be coded.

Cheating and Ethics:

Do not wipe hits under ANY circumstances during the course of a game.
Do not play on after you have been hit.
More than three (3) elimination shots on your opponent is “overshooting” and will result in your elimination.
Do not shoot the wildfire under ANY circumstances.

I have read and understand the rules written above. I agree to play by these rules and understand that failure to follow these rules, or the direction of the referees, can result in being ejected from from the playing field without a refund.